Relax. God Is Here With Us.

The purpose of The Tabernacle Experience is to create a series of meditations designed to offer the listener a different experience exploring their relationship with God. The program offers a place of freedom and safety to relax, expand and awaken your faith. This program was created for anyone seeking to grow, explore or reconnect his or her relationship with God.

The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle was a unique structure. It had three distinct areas, the outer Courtyard, the Holy Place and The Most Holy Place. Throughout the course of your journey, you will be exploring the Tabernacle of God and using that as our framework. We will begin by building our own unique Tabernacle in our mind's eye. From there we will enter and move deeper and deeper towards the sacred area of the Most Holy Place. How exciting is that? We are going to build a sanctuary for God in our mind so that he is able to come and be with us.
The Tabernacle

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